80 Collins

Harnessing the richness of natural materiality

Crafting a new lobby experience that is grounded in art and making

We worked on the North and South Lobbies to 80 Collins Street as refined sculptural expressions of materiality with an integrated artistic overlay.

The concept was for the lobbies to provide a new gallery space for Melbourne, integrating the art into the space, as an antithesis to the classic workplace lobby.

Collins Laneway links to the refurbishment of an iconic 1970’s high rise tower into an A Grade commercial space. The North Lobby was conceived as a refined space to act as a gallery space for the contrasting hand crafted, textual pieces in MATTER.

Digital art is embedded into the South Lobby entrance to create an immersive arrival experience, mirroring the local city context. The shell of the lobby space is crafted in travertine to compliment the entrance portal to the podium and bathed in natural daylight through the bronze clad curtain walling.

A travertine datum grounds your arrival experience from the street up a crafted stair to the reception. Bespoke matt finished stainless steel panels work in contrast to the heavy base, to create a sensation of lightness to the lobby.