Historic Royal Palaces

Baroque Art for the 21st Century

A site-specific chandelier by Danish design duo, Studio Roso.

‘Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber’ was a temporary installation that we created at London’s Hampton Court Palace in 2013. Organised by Historic Royal Palaces, the installation was set within the Baroque extension to the original Tudor palace designed by Christopher Wren in the 17th century. Studio Roso were commissioned to create 'Palace Chandelier' as an entrance piece, inspired by nature it is a modern spin on the Baroque style that surrounds it, extending itself into the space through reflection and shadow-play. The chandelier relies entirely on reflected light for its illumination.

Studio Roso begin all of their site specific work by using Rhino to digitally model in 3D. Preferring this medium to look at how a piece may behave in a space that it will eventually inhabit, the digital model allows Studio Roso to ensure the piece integrates well with its surrounding context.

The physical build was undertaken within the Studio Roso space. The main structure is created out of an aluminium mirror polished frame, additional pieces include wire bent stems and mirrored-polished disks.

Following the precise creation of these elements, Studio Roso undertook the final sculpting and attaching of the pieces by hand, shortening and lengthening the stems and attaching the mirrored discs. This final step gives the piece its organic nature, a seemingly random array of reflective stems.

Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber