WPP iQ: Spaces that work

From hybrid spaces to workplaces as an expression of company culture, Universal Design Studio discusses the future of the office.

It may be hard to imagine this right now in some parts of the world, but there will be a day when we will be allowed to go back to the office. We will be able to talk to our colleagues at the coffee machine, and hold meetings in real spaces rather than on Microsoft Teams.

Despite much discussion about the perks of working from home, the pandemic has proven that there are many reasons why we still need the office. Humans are social beings who need interaction to thrive.

While technology may mean that many people will be able to choose to spend less time in the office overall, it is safe to say that we are yet to see the death of the office.

More likely the events of the past year have presented the office with an opportunity for a rebirth. Can we reimagine workspaces as places that (pun not intended) work for us, that are imbued with our values and beliefs, and adapt to changing needs? We examine three takes on how offices could change for the better. Read the full piece here.