Exterior view
Window graphic by Damien Hirst

The Pharmacy project was a design collaboration with Damien Hirst, acclaimed British artist and the founder of Pharmacy.  Universal was appointed to re-design the ground level, Pharmacy bar in order to strengthen the design identity,  improve navigation for staff and customers, and enhance the overall comfort of the area.

Size: - 1.650 sq ft

Client: - Hartford Group Plc

Location: - London

Works: - Interior & Furniture Design

Bar area

Universal began by relocating the bar from a central position to a side wall, thus doubling the bar’s length and solving circulation. The centre of the space was then transformed into a lounge area to increase the space available for bar patrons to socialise.  Into this area Universal introduced a bespoke upholstered bench, providing an informal area where people could sit and relax without detracting from the surrounding ambiance where patrons stand and mingle.


Dining room / lounge

Finally, a small private dining room was created. When not in use for special functions the doors were designed to merge into the wall, allowing the space to be incorporated into the general lounge area.


Lounge area

Pharmacy’s legacy lives on in the bespoke fixtures and fittings that were created for it.  The Pharmacy auction at Sotheby’s in 2006 sold for over £11 million.