Exterior view
Flexible exterior seating
Interior booth

Situated on the ground floor of this Foster & Partners development, Canteen occupies a prime location facing into the iconic Spitalfields Market.  Universal were approached by Canteen with a creative brief for a new restaurant concept to bring together the best in British cuisine and design.

Looking beyond the brief, the core of Universal’s approach was the ambition to create an uncompromisingly modern environment that recalled the best in dining experiences of the mid 20th century.

Size: - 2,200 sq ft

Client: - Modern British Canteen

Photographer: - Simon Phipps

Location: - London

Works: - Interior & Furniture Design


Interior view
Interior view
Interior proposal drawing

Working with a tight and regular floor plan, a rigorous language was developed based on an arrangement of central communal benches surrounded by three clusters of upholstered banquettes lining the extensive glazed fa├žade.  With reference to the ingenuity and attention to detail of the best in transport design, the dining experience for the guest is designed to respond to every need with individual ceramic table lamps, coat and bag storage and bespoke Corian storage trays adjacent to each of the solid oak tables.


Dining experience

From the success of this flagship project, Canteen have expanded their operations into two other London locations.