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Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal

Fine Blooms, Dubai

Fine Blooms


Completed Dec 2017

Mustafa Aboobacker

Matter of Stuff, Talin Hazbar and Latifa Saeed, FBMI, Studio Sahil, London Mouldmakers

A Dubai-based florist founded on the belief that flowers have the power to transform spaces and emotions Read More

We designed a 114 sq.m concept store for Fine Blooms in the contemporary BoxPark shopping centre in Dubai. It is their belief that flowers can infuse any space with positivity, colour and life. They seek to create arrangements that meld tradition and modernity to transform private residences, event spaces and corporate environments with colour, scent and style.

The overall aesthetic contrasts the solidity of architectural features (such as the oversize chip terrazzo floor in green marble and the centrepiece of the store, a large sculptural counter of oxblood jesmonite), with the ephemeral softness of the flowers and planting, housed in a bespoke glazed chiller room. 

From the street, the glowing floral centrepieces are visible, while bespoke monochrome enamel planters line the store windows. When customers enter the store they are met with a band of lush, seasonal plants and foliage, providing a fresh and inviting transition from the street to the boutique interior. This contemporary space is divided between a refined, gallery-style shop floor where customers can discuss their floral arrangements and a back-of-house area, where most of the flower assembly takes place concealed from view.

VIP appointments can be arranged within a private consultation space, which is partitioned from the main shop floor and backed with a curved screen of recycled leather. We commissioned FBMI to produce a bespoke rug created using traditional methods for the lounge area.

We took inspiration from the surrounding desert landscape for the 15-metre exposed aggregate wall that flanks one side of the store. This acts as a backdrop for Fine Blooms to exhibit bespoke pieces created by local and international artists.

Glassware created from Dubai sand by Turkish designer Rezzan Hasoglu and custom-made ceramics by Talin Hazbar and Latifa Saeed were commissioned for display and sale within the store.

Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal
Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal

Bespoke glazed flower chiller

Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal
Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal

Private consultation space

Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal
Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal

Bespoke counter during manufacturing

Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal
Fine Blooms, Dubai | Universal